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SempreViva is the knowledge of producing premium Kythirian products. Our vision is to produce ‘honest’ food for all towards the healthiest way of life. Share our ‘treasures’ with all round the world much like we would with a member of our family. We strive towards offering all our products not only based on trust, but knowledge as well.

The greater concept behind our company is promoting healthy eating, producing different healthy foods and making them available to all. Our products are ‘honest’ in that we inform the public of how they are made and why they are good for you. 

SempreViva is Latin for “forever life”. It is taken from the indigenous flower that only grows on cliff faces on Kythira and once picked, does not require water.

Our Story not only involves Greece’s 5000 year old experience in producing agricultural products, but also how two friends got together with a common goal to promote premium local products around the world.

Nikolas was born in Kythira. He has a BA in Antiquities Restoration and Fine Arts and a BSc in Architecture. After graduating from the Architecture School of Athens he worked as an external associate architect. In 2008 he returned to the island and established the technical company M3+. Very quickly he understood the "healthier" way of life on Kythira was due to the quality of food available there. In the beginning of 2015 he established SempreViva with the vision of exporting local products of Kythira all over the world.


John is a management consultant with a BSc in Management Economics and an MSc in Operational Research. He joined SempreViva in 2015 once returning to Greece from working abroad as a Project Manager. He realized that a lot could be done towards organizing local farmers and producers, making Kythirian produce available worldwide and enforcing the local economy.